Peter Stokkebroe

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Peter Stokkebroe
5 times World Dance Champion

Peter started dancing at the age of 3. In his teenage years he trained dancestyles as Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical at the local FAME school as well latin and Standard with expert dance teachers in Denmark. This background helped him to acquire very broad abilities in- and general knowledge about dancing as an art form.

Peter was attending a local dance school in Odense Denmark, he met his partner Kristina Juel here in 1992, and only 2 years later they became the first couple in the dance world to win both the World Youth latin and World youth standard championships in the same year. This was the kickstart to their long successful career winning a total of 5 World Championship in different categories.

Kristina and Peter have together reached the following list of achievements :

1994 IDSF World Youth Champions.  Latin

1994 IDSF World Youth Champions. Standard

1997 Danish Amateur Champions 10 Dance

2000 IDSF European Champions  10 Dance

2000 IDSF World Champions 10 Dance 

2006 IDSF European Champions Latin

2006 IDSF World ChampionsLatin

2006 Undefeated IDSF Amateur latin champions for 30 consecutive competitions

2007 IDSF European Champions  Latin

2007 Turning professional
2008 3
rd at the British Open Blackpool  Pro. Latin

2008 WDC Vice European Champions  Pro. Latin

2009 WDC Vice European Champions  Pro. Latin

2010 WDC World Champions. South American Showdance

In 2010 Peter has acquired the danish professional teacher and judges exams DDD, in both latin and standard with the highest possible grades. And have in 2011 received his International Judges license in WDSF.

Peter have a vast experience in teaching all levels of dancing from beginners to the top dancers of the world.With his deep knowledge of the latin technique, as well as the mental approach to performance and competing he is used all over the world giving workshops, lectures and lessons. 

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