WDSF Competitions - Hegemann Trophy

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For the first time, competitions will take place on 31.05 and 01.06.2019 as part of the DSF. In the evening events, the couples will be able to dance to live music, which is absolutely unique in Germany !!! 

The following competitions will take place on 31.05.2019: 

WDSF International Open Standard 

WDSF senior III 

WSDF Jun I Standard 

The following tournaments will take place on 01.06.2019: 

WDSF International Open Latin

WDSF senior II 

WSDF Jun I Latin 

Starting fee is 15 Euro per Person, 10 Euro per Person for Juniors I. The entry tickets will cost 15 Euro per person at Friday (whole day) and 10 Euro per person at Saturday (till the Gala will begin).

 Schedules and more information will follow shortly.


Hegemann Trophy - Detlef Hegemann


This year the Grün-Gold-Club Bremen e.V. starts another project of big events: first time there will be WDSF competitions in addition to national and international championships of Latin formation dancing, which have been and are organized by the club year by year. The WDSF competitions will be embedded in the grand event of the Dancing Superstars Festival, taking place in Bremen since 2014, and are planned to become a regular highlight of competition dancing in Bremen on a high level.

Below some information about our honorary member after which the trophy is named:

Detlef Hegemann, grandson of August Reiners, founder of HEGEMANN GROUP, managed the group of companies doing his business with courage and passion. It was this passion that also lead to a unique dancing career together with his partner, who later became his wife, Ursula Hegemann. From the late 1940s on, the couple was successful in numerous competitions. In 1954, two years after they won the German Championship for the first time, they also won the European Championship. Absolute highlight of their dancing career was winning the World Championship of Ballroom Dancing in 1955, counting until then more than 250 first places. The active career over, Detlef Hegemann was president of his club, the Grün-Gold-Club Bremen e. V.. Later he was elected President of former ICAD and IDSF (today WDSF) and held this office for 33 years, with several elections in between. No wonder then that the charitable foundations of Detlef and Ursula Hegemann were established to support dance sport, among others. For more than 70 years, dance sport and HEGEMANN GROUP have been walking side by side through all actual dances. From this year on, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen e.V. honours Detlef Hegemann with dance competitions featuring the HEGEMANN TROPHY during DSF on May 31 and June 01, 2019.
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